The objective of ATOMO MULTI STRATEGY is to generate capital appreciation over the long term by investing in various instruments allowed. In order to achieve the investment objective, the Fund will invest its whole assets directly in:

  • Equity securities without any geographical limitation
  • Debt instruments, including fixed and floating rate debt, convertible bonds, zero coupon, coupons, and Treasury bond, with no limit on duration and rating
  • Money market instruments or cash

The fund may, in order to achieve its goal of investment, invest up to 10% of its total net assets in UCITS, UCIs and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which qualifies as a UCITS or UCI in accordance with Articles 41(1) and 46 of the 2010 Law, with no geographycal and currency limit. The Fund may use derivatives instruments to hedge currency risks, interest rate and market risk, but also for investment purposes.

Name of the Company: ATOMO
Management Company: Casa4Funds SA
Investment Advisor: IQ Global Consulting Sagl
Depositary Bank: Banque de Luxembourg
Administrative Agent: European Fund Administration SA
Auditor: Deloitte Audit S.à.r.l
Italian Paying Agent: State Street Bank SpA
Legal Structure: Luxembourg SICAV incorporated in accordance with Part I of the Luxembourg Law of 2010 (UCITS IV)

Before investing, please read the Prospectus available in the Documents section. Past performance are not indicative of future results.